About Us

NUMBAT Australia was born in Yamba in 2018, and is now in WOODBURN NSW, from the idea to create an eco-friendly range of clothing accessories from natural hemp.

The list of benefits of hemp clothing as opposed to other fabrics is a long one - hemp is a very eco-friendly crop which requires no pesticides at all during the growth cycle – this is especially effective if the wearer suffers from any allergies.

The benefits of wearing hemp led us to consider all the other health benefits of hemp in general – particularly as a natural superfood – we came across endless testimonials from people who experienced dramatic improvements in general health and wellbeing from consuming hemp products.

We have since expanded our product range from hemp clothing and accessories to include hemp health and body care products – seeds, oils, protein powders, scrubs and balms, hemp milk and even peanut butter with hemp seeds!

Some of the medical conditions successfully treated with medicinal hemp include Parkinsons Disease, anxiety, epilepsy, PTSD, Diabetes, Crohns disease, gout, glaucoma, insomnia, shingles, asthma, psoriasis, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, pain relief and chemotherapy side effects, plus many more.

This natural medicine has been used successfully for centuries in Eastern culture and is rapidly becoming acceptable in western societies throughout the world as the health benefits become more publicised.